#16: there is no deed too small

When disaster strikes, I find myself wanting to help in the biggest, boldest way possible. I want to be in the thick of things.

Five years ago I went to Haiti for a week and learned the hard way, even when you're in the thick of things, it's a culmination of small deeds and people working together that add up to making a substantial difference. Many times the impact won't be highly noticeable, at least not in the way you envisioned. Even if it is noticeable, there is always far more work to be done. There are always many more needs to be met.

Hurricane Matthew hitting our area has been yet another reminder. When reading about need after need in my community it's easy to get bogged down with who needs what the most and what kind of help is needed first. In this I've been reminded, you don't have to act big to be of great help to someone.

Needs are not meant to be ranked, they simply need to be met. All needs matter. And there is no need too small.

It's easy to stay hyper-focused on our own survival needs, especially when we are struggling. Regardless of how much time or money we have, I believe, if we all designated a part of each day to think of one seemingly small way we could serve someone else, and then act on it, we would see a great big difference in our own hearts and over time, in this world (at least in our own corners).

Freely lending our hands to help another or acknowledging our own needs and asking for help does not feel like a norm in our society. I say we change that, starting by better living out the mantra: there is no deed [or need] too small