#18: where have you been?


Where have you been?
I imagine they say.
Have you been here, there, and everywhere,
out and about,
on your way?

Who, me? Why, I've been right here all along.
You see, I've been working on writing, a new kind of song.
One with a slower tempo and far more breaks.
No more clashing and crashing.
Just a steadier rhythm,
a stronger melody
and far more space.


I've been learning all about her,
the she that is I.
I've been taking the time to look hard,
to stare straight into her eyes.
Seeing the soul buried deep underneath
the movement of disguise.


Growing softer still, every single day
while she works with her fears.
Coaxing herself out of her shell,
letting herself hear the loving inner voice,
she so needs to hear.


This voice ignites a rebirth within --
a glowing courage
a mighty song.
The confidence to boldly uncover
what she knew was there all along.

Where have you been?
I imagine they say.
Who, me? Why I've been right here all along,
slowly finding my way.