CHOICES are all around us. Every single day. Some feel big. Others small. Many go unnoticed. 
All of these choices together dictate our journey, our experience, our story. 
The following is an excerpt from CHOICES, featured in "Just Being Honest" -- our book.


Then again maybe we're not that different.
We are each masterworks
with our own details and imperfections.
It's these imperfections that define our story
and design our beauty.
Until we can see,
we stay convinced we're bound
when really we've never been more free.
What am I doing with my freedom?

No one tells you
these choices you must make will happen quietly.
They tiptoe through the night.
You might wake up one day and realize
you've already made them, unknowingly.
Or by default.

These choices, to me, feel like life or death.
When I see them for what they really are,
I remember they are a privilege most don't have.
I realize we are bound by nothing.
This isn't the case for most.
But it is the case for us.

I run from the status
the noise
the appeal
the rules
the norms.
But how do I escape my own selfishness?
My own entitlement?
That's another journey entirely.

The choices, they never end.
Choices, if I don't make them,
they'll turn me into someone else.


CHOICES (painting + words) was shown at ArtFields in Lake City, South Carolina last month.


"JUST BEING HONEST" // our first book

CHOICES is featured on the final pages of our newly completed book "Just Being Honest." All 100 pages are filled with words + visuals that speak of and from our souls to the souls of others. If you have found yourself connecting with any of the words shared to date on Sarah's Shorts, or connecting with Andrew's paintings, I believe you will find a bit of yourself in this book. That is why I'm mentioning it here. In this book are the most honest words I've ever written for the sharing. These words are made far more powerful intentionally paired with Andrew's paintings. This work was meant to live together and be shared. Our book is an effort to do just that.