#22 back again // here for the first time

Here we are.

Back again.

Only this time it's unlike all the others. Our new selves.

Not replaying seasons past. But creating something undefined. Unrefined. Unheard of.

It's not for them. It's of us. For Him!


May I give as much grace as I ask others for.

May I bend to the unfamiliar when it asks me to take on a new shape, rather than filling in the thoughtless space I've already formed for myself, long ago.

May I not default to the past. But constantly reform. Repeatedly be quiet.

And when I fail. When I break. May I have the strength to recover and mend.

I can't hear anything over my own voice. I can't see anything when I'm looking at everything at once.

I'm still working on getting over myself and being myself in the very same breath.

Screen Shot 2017-09-02 at 10.21.25 AM.png

Back again.
Here for the very first time.