My name is Sarah. I use words to tell stories.


  My name is Sarah Kathleen Wilson (McWilson for fun / maidenly McCartan). I use my written words to tell stories, for work, play, and self-reflection. I tell stories to figure things out and spark ideas. I tell stories with thoughtful intention, for the betterment of self and the world around me. I tell stories of ideas and issues, of people and places, existing and doing. Sarah Tells Stories is a home for these written stories to gather together.


The greatest story you can tell, is your own...

My focus has shifted to telling stories of my own personal struggles and journey, as a way to connect with and give to others. I've been working to do this in collaboration with my husband, Andrew Scott Wilson (a mega-talented, extremely humble and heart-full painter).


WE CREATED A BOOK OF OUR WORK: made with love, made for keeps!


...AND, CHOICES (ANDREW'S largeST painting FROM LAST FALL's SHOW + my life size words) wAS shown aS A COLLABORATIVE PIECE AT ArtFields 2017, in LAKE CITY, SC.



I wear shorts. I write shorts.

Not to be confused with the shorts I wear on a daily basis as a Floridian, Sarah's Shorts is the collective name I've given to short-form, creative non-fiction writing I'm sharing in blog post form. Call them poems, short snippets, or just "shorts" for short. Some of these shorts stand alone. Others made their way into our art show, intentionally paired with small studies on paper by Andrew.

I started these shorts by sending them out into the world via email. They're a bit more unscheduled than they were at the start. Still, if you're into receiving my latest short in your inbox, subscribe with your preferred email address below.

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